Bulk Order Mulch sales

Need mulch for your garden? Tree Amigos have what you need!

Mulch Sales

We only sell our mulch in bulk truck loads:

  •  8 cubic metres @ $100 inc delivery
  • 12 cubic metres @ $150 inc delivery

Benefits of mulching

  • Returns nutrients back into the soil
  • Retains soil moisture over summer
  • Suppresses unwanted weeds

Enquire about a 25% discount on multiple deliveries

Please keep in mind that we’re not a mulch supply company, and a lot of our clients like to keep the mulch from their trees. We don’t have a ready to go pile all the time. So if you need mulch in the next couple days for a project, then you’d better call a Nursery. But be prepared to pay top dollar!

If your happy to wait a week or two for a load of mulch, get in contact today and we’ll add you to the list.

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