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A Day In The Life Of A Tree Inspection

What a day in the life of a tree inspection looks like When we’re called out to a tree inspection or to create a quote, there’s a lot of data...

What a day in the life of a tree inspection looks like

When we’re called out to a tree inspection or to create a quote, there’s a lot of data we’re hunting down in order to make an informed and thorough decision. We offer our tree removal services across all of Melbourne, but we’re not too quick to pick up a chain saw.

Here’s a rundown of the vital things we consider when shaping our expert opinion as to what’s best for you and your tree…


How is the overall health of the tree faring? We’ll examine things like…

  • The tree’s foliage and colour
  • The amount of foliage and;
  • The tree’s ability to photosynthesise
Healthy Tree Melbourne

Tree inspections Melbourne

Branch Structure and defects

The best way to describe the physiology of a tree is to break it up into two main parts: branches and stems. The stem is the trunk, and the branches grow off the trunk. Both of these parts of the tree grow at different times of the year, creating an overlapping of the wood fibres, which makes for a healthy branch union. Again, we’re looking at what’s typical for the species when assessing the tree’s overall health and continued growth potential.

The other obvious thing we’re looking for are defects on the branch or stem, such as…

  • Large, open wounds
  • Swelling of branches
  • Leaking sap
Unhealthy tree

Unhealthy tree

The placement of the defect also comes into play when determining how structurally sound the branch is and what needs to be done to minimize the risk of it failing.


If something is going to break, where will it break from? And when it breaks, what will it hit?

Obviously, the tree in the middle of paddock is going to be treated a little differently than the tree growing over your house or right above your children’s play equipment.

We usually try to determine how long that target might be under the tree for during a typical day, using our understanding of the risk factors to support our evaluation of the best next steps.

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Tree safety

These are some of the key areas we evaluate so we can give you the best and fairest advice for your particular tree, home and family. What makes this easy for us is that we have over 10 years of industry experience and we’re qualified arborists, professional and committed to achieving the best outcomes.

We hope these tips are valuable for you and your home. If you think there’s something that doesn’t look quite right across your trees, we’re here to offer our informed opinion.