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4 tips for a strong and healthy tree

Trees are a thing of beauty and are often a focal point in our garden; they also give us years of enjoyment if you take care of them.  A big...

Trees are a thing of beauty and are often a focal point in our garden; they also give us years of enjoyment if you take care of them. 

A big healthy tree provides clean air, shade and also can be host to all kinds of fauna. The tranquillity of just  sitting under a tree on a warm day and watching the kids play is what lasting memories are made of. 

Planting a tree on your property can also be somewhat of an investment.  Ever wondered why real estates advertise properties as “on a tree lined street”? It’s because larger trees can increase the value of your home.  

But it’s not always as easy as live and let live. A healthy, strong and long lasting tree is benefited by a bit of work and some smart choices. 

These 4 tips will help you to start with the right choice and might even see the tree outlive you. 

1. Choose the right tree for the right spot

Tree care really starts from this time you first plant it. Put the wrong tree in the wrong spot, it doesn’t matter how much money you spend trying to keep it, you really are just flogging a dead horse. So, here’s some things to think about;


  • What is the purpose of the tree? Is it aesthetic only, for shade, privacy or a windbreak? Knowing this will help you choose the right kind of tree.


  • What limits do you have on space and what are the conditions of the area you want to plant in? How close to powerlines is the spot you want to put a tree? Are there any underground lines? What is the soil condition and much (or little) sun will it get. 

2. Mulching

Adding mulch to a young tree is a little bit like armour. It keeps the tree insulated and warm and protected from injury (from lawn mowers and whipper snippers) 


Continuing to mulch a tree right into maturity will do much of the same and more. You’ll get the added benefits of avoiding root competition, retaining water and reducing environmental stress. 

Take note though, don’t put mulch directly on the trunk. No matter what age or size your tree is you should leave about a 5cm circle around the tree covering as much of the root system as possible. 

3. Pruning

Pruning your tree is necessary to maintain structural integrity and overall health. It also helps to mitigate the risk of falling branches and keeps your tree looking good for the long term. 



Small tree pruning might be safe to do yourself. But large tree pruning can be pretty risky and will likely need the knowledge and equipment from an expert arborist to make sure you and the tree are safe.


If you’re not sure check with Tree Amigos. We offer free quotes and our expert arborists provide the best advice on what, if any pruning is necessary, how often you should have it done and on the overall health of the tree. 

4.Regular inspection

As a living being you wouldn’t go your lifetime without needing some kind of health check up. It’s the same for your trees. 


A regular inspection by Tree Amigos is an opportunity to determine the trees overall health. We inspect for signs of poor tree health, pests and disease, structural integrity and as in all health matters early detection can make all the difference. 

Once we’ve inspected your tree we’ll assess what the next steps are and provide our recommendations to address any issues before they get worse. 

We recommend check ups annually and in some cases we might suggest a more frequent check up to manage any issues that we think need closer attention. This can help to keep a tree healthy safe and avoid the need for tree removal.


Trees are a beautiful asset to our environment and our lives. Routine maintenance could be the difference between a tree you enjoy for many years to come or becoming a liability. 

We’d love to hear any questions about your trees. Come and join the discussion over on our Facebook page 


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