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How much does tree removal cost in Melbourne?

It's a straightforward question that doesn't have a straightforward answer.  I don't want to give you a smartass response like ”how long is a...

It’s a straightforward question that doesn’t have a straightforward answer. 

I don’t want to give you a smartass response like ”how long is a piece of string”. I do however want to give a real life scenario that will reframe how you consider the investment that you make on your trees.

First things first. This information is general in nature and we do tree removals in Melbourne, Australia.  We are qualified and professional arborists and we value our safety, your safety and the reputation of our business. So if you’re after cheap and quick information about tree removal in Albuquerque, it may not apply. 

Here are the ways we price your tree removal quote; 

Time = Money

As a business that pays its staff well  (including overtime, cos we ain’t no tight asses), we value our time and the work our staff put in. Including the education and additional training, they take on. So, when quoting a tree removal, time is a consideration.  Then there’s the length of time factor. If a tree takes 3 hours, it’s going to cost less than a tree that takes 6 hours. 

Location, location, location

The location of a tree can greatly affect the time it takes to be removed. A tree in the front yard will generally take less time to work on than a tree in the backyard because of the additional time it takes to remove the debris.

This tree removal in Melbourne had easy access and plenty of space to bring the tree down and only needed a light crew

Labour Force

Similarly, with time the amount of staff we send to a job will vary based on the nature of the job. Many jobs have variations that can change how we access a site and who we need on site.  Operationally we also have to consider things like fatigue management so more staff might be needed to reduce fatigue. Less staff might be required for a tree in the front yard, compared to a large removal in a space with more difficult access. Safety and experience also impact our labour force. We take the safety of everyone seriously when we send a crew to your home. Not only is it important that the job gets done efficiently and well, but that everyone leaves safe and accounted for. 

This tree removal required a tower and a chipper truck we also had to drag the tree through the yard and garage to be able to get the tree into the truck. The time and labour force for this one was strong


With any industry, as soon as you can make money from using a piece of equipment, the purchase price of that equipment seems to skyrocket.  The tree industry is no exception! The cost of the equipment in this industry can tip well past a hundred thousand dollars. 

Every business needs to examine the cost of running a business long term especially.  This requires thinking about every piece of equipment, insurance and ongoing maintenance of their fleet, tools of trade and overheads. Then there’s rent, staff wages and a little for the kitty. It’s all a factor when pricing work and estimating the cost of and let’s face it, you can’t run on empty. So it’s fair to assume we would price jobs accordingly.

Equipment and space requirements can impact the price of your tree removal quote. The cost of a less professional and qualified tree service could be more than you bargained for

So as an example, let’s compare the pair

As you can see, the exact same tree in a different scenario can have vastly different equipment, labour and time. Which brings me to answer the initial question of How much does it cost to remove my tree? 

How long is a piece of string?

If you want quality tree removal, by professional and highly sought after arborists in the North and Northeast of Melbourne Tree Amigos offer free quotes and a price guarantee!

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