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What to Expect from tree removal in Melbourne

Calling an Arborist in Melbourne and organising tree removal is a simple process. At least when you call Tree Amigos Victoria it is. Our qualified...

Calling an Arborist in Melbourne and organising tree removal is a simple process. At least when you call Tree Amigos Victoria it is.

Our qualified and experienced crew can make the entire process a breeze. But what you might not see is the work that goes into how we manage your particular job.  The entire crew work together to get in quickly, work safely and efficiently and to the standard of excellence we always aim for. 

Here is what we take into consideration when planning tree removal at your home. 


We have multiple vehicles to meet the needs of a wide range of property types. It’s important that the removal and the property are considered to enable us to access your property and hold the mulch from the job. 

The wrong vehicle or equipment can delay a job or make it more difficult to complete and potentially unsafe. 


If you choose to keep the mulch on-site we also need to have space to dump the mulch. Many folks ask us to put it in a certain spot in the yard but chipping it directly onto the lawn or driveway would make an almighty mess. 

We like to leave the place looking as clear as it was when we got there and in many cases, our team have been known to clean up a bit more if needed.  So mulching directly onto your yard isn’t the done thing. We will make sure it is accessible to you and in a place that safely fits the vehicle to dump the mulch. 
























We only hire tree crew that are qualified to do the jobs we put them on. We do have apprentices on our crew and give them quality time with excellent role models to learn from. We want the people in the Arb industry to be the best.  After all, we don’t want to hire someone who has had shoddy on the job training. So we put the time and effort into the newbies for now and in the future. 

Our guys are good. Just ask us we’ll tell you. 

Every time they arrive on-site to they have a laundry list of things to monitor and check off. This is to ensure everyone is safe and you are happy when they leave. 

They assess the areas for any potential hazards and how to manage them.  If you have a climber they will be monitoring the weather, the space they have to work in and how to ensure the tree remains healthy and safe if it’s not a complete tree removal. 

The crew below make sure everything happening on the ground keep the job running smoothly. Safety is a priority, keeping the site clean and communicating with the climber.  Amigos arrive on time and work within a general time frame in order to get on to the next job. They won’t rush and if it takes longer than expected to do it right, they will do that.

If you have extra jobs, by all means, ask the guys and if they are running on time and it’s a small job its might be something they can add to the days work. However additional jobs that take extra time, space, equipment or crew will need to be quoted again and we’ll schedule it in line with our availabilities. 


Speaking of quoting. Ground (and tree) crew aren’t generally available to quote jobs on the fly. We have qualified team members who will take the time to visit your property talk through your needs and concerns and give you advice and suggestions before sending you a proper quote by email. 

This secures you in the system to ensure nothing gets lost. The crew you see on your street will share our number with you and ask you to call the office to get your quote request in the system and someone will be out to see you ASAP.

If you’d like a quote you can call us on 1800 945 184 or fill out our contact form online.


You’ll hear from us a fair bit.  We won’t be annoying. We just want you to know we won’t let you down.  

We come to you to quote and we’ll let you know if there are any concerns and solutions we have to these concerns. If you have any concerns we want to resolve them. 

We message you to let you know we’re on our way. We get you to check the work before we leave and if you aren’t we’ll get it fixed. 

From first to the last contact we want you to have a seamless experience. This means at every step we can provide safe, efficient and excellent service. 

Got any other questions? We’d love to hear from you. If there’s something you’d like to know about Trees or Tree Amigos you can ask them by replying to his email or over at our socials.

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