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ABOUT Tree Amigos

Ever had an average experience where a tradie left you in the lurch? That’s not us. We’ll answer the phone, turn up for the appointment, communicate effectively and give you all of the details you need to make informed, active decisions.

Who we are

Tree Amigos was founded by qualified Arborists Taman and Alex, two guys whose shared passion for the tree industry meant they were spending just about every weekend working alongside each other. Driven by a belief that people deserve great advice and even better service, they formed Tree Amigos in 2010. We’re now a team of 18 with over 12,000 tree inspections behind us (and counting!).

What we do

Our team specialises in pruning and removing large trees, making it safer for families to live with peace of mind in their homes. Our full range of tree services include arborist reports, removals and reductions.

Why we do it

We love the work we do (and we’re not afraid to admit that we love the thrill that comes with it!). Our team of qualified arborists, with over 30 years of experience behind them, find deep satisfaction in a job well done. Whether we’ve prolonged the life of a tree through pruning it, or increased the safety of a household through a tree removal, we come to work with a commitment to great outcomes each and every day.

How we do it

With a smile, and with a commitment to the best results, each and every time. You’re in good hands with Tree Amigos!