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Arborist Inspections

What is an Arborist Inspection?

While we’re experts at solving tree problems, we’re also pretty damn good at identifying them before they become urgent. We offer a unique Arborist Inspection service that gives you the benefit of specific and insightful details about the trees on your property. This equips you to plan for the future, armed with the knowledge about what kind of trees you’re working with and any potential health issues that may arise with them.

Why is this important?

At Tree Amigos, we pride ourselves on providing the right advice with a no-bullshit approach to trees. If we wouldn’t recommend it for our own property, we’re sure as hell not going to recommend it for yours.

This kind of advice can be game-changing, and it’s a service we’ve identified our customers are sorely in need of. If you’re looking to purchase a new property, an Arborist Inspection will alert you to any tree considerations that you can take into account before putting in an offer. Perhaps you want to learn more about the tree species on your property and the likelihood they could be removed for future property development – the time and money you invest in an Arborist Inspection will protect your long-term investment worth hundreds of thousands (or more!). 

For existing homeowners, an Arborist Inspection can help to identify trees in yards that are already showing signs of ill health. This may lead to a tree being saved, as a number of solutions are easily applicable (once you’ve got the right information). We’ll guide you towards the best outcome so you’re able to make proactive choices, rather than giving us a ring when the tree’s landed on your roof after a windy evening. 

An Arborist Inspection can help with…

  • Longevity – plan for the future while protecting the health of your trees with a proactive analysis of your property, the specific species of trees on it, and what you need to keep an eye out for in order to tackle any emergent tree health issues
  • Cheaper property purchasing – give yourself some bargaining power before submitting your final offer with the insights gained from our detailed reports. Diseased trees that will need to be removed are costs down the track that you would otherwise be unprepared for. By highlighting this in your offer, you can accommodate for this expense within it, saving you a financial headache and an ugly surprise down the track.
  • Headache-free property development – discuss planning solutions (TPZ’s and SRZ’s) for trees you may need to retain whilst also carrying out a property development or renovation. The more you know now, the less it’ll come back to bite you down the track!

Family safety – make the most of our experienced arborists’ knowledge when it comes to keeping your family, and your home, safe. Simple solutions implemented ahead of time can greatly increase the safety of the trees on your property.

How is this different to an Arborist Report?

Arborist Reports may be required if you’re building a house, doing an extension, or as a part of a tree removal application through council. As every property is different, with varying local laws that change from council to council, we can advise as to whether an Arborist eport is needed. Arborist Reports are a larger investment, with minimum prices beginning at $550. That’s where Arborist Inspections come in, designed for those who are looking to take a proactive approach to their property’s trees, but who don’t require a full-scale report as a part of council requirements.

How Arborist Inspections work

One of our skilled arborists will come and spend 30 minutes with you and with your trees, building a holistic overview of your property and your desired outcomes. We’ll ask the kind of questions only nerdy arborists care about, focused on having a chat about the history, and future, of your trees. After this inspection is complete, you’ll receive a detailed email from us with a number of tree specifics, such as species, height and health. We’ll also provide site-specific recommendations that give you the ability to plan for the long term armed with these insights. 

This service’s investment is $180 ex. GST. If the recommendations that follow your Arborist Inspection require a proposal from us, we’ll deduct that fee from any proposal that’s booked in.

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