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Bracket Fungi – not fun guys

Bracket (or shelf) fungi are wood-decaying fungi mostly found on the trunk at the base or on stumps of living trees.  A member of the mushroom...

Bracket (or shelf) fungi are wood-decaying fungi mostly found on the trunk at the base or on stumps of living trees.  

A member of the mushroom family these fungi have many pores lined with spore-producing cells called basidia, instead of the usual gills that you will see on a mushroom.  Unlike the mushrooms you see in the healthy undergrowth feeding of dead and decaying organic matter, a bracket fungus invades living trees.  

Anyone who has come across fungi like this and has touched or tried to remove it will they can be spongey or really hard. In fact, it has been known to be carved into jewellery and other works of art. 

If you find bracket fungi on a tree it’s likely to have been at work inside the tree for a number of years before it has developed enough energy to create a fungal bracket or the fruiting body. 

Bracket fungi are wood decaying fungi mostly found on the trunk at the base or on stumps of living trees.

How does it affect my tree?

The root system of the fungi, called the mycelium, travels through the wood via the vertical vascular system, breaking down fibres and causing them to rot. 

The fungi will attack the heartwood of a living tree and create rot considerable distances above and below the fungi itself. Over time your tree will then begin to hollow.  This can affect the structural integrity of the tree itself and you may find yourself with a tree that needs substantial reduction or removal.

This fungi entered through the wound on the trunk of this tree and by the time it was visible had been growing for years.

Despite this, not all is necessarily lost.  We always recommended that you consult a qualified and experienced arborist to assess the tree to confirm if it’s a case of removing the tree or simply weight reducing the limbs that are considered a danger and keeping the tree. 

After all, a tree with some internal damage but deemed low risk to a person or property might just be a home for wildlife for many years to come.

Can I get rid of the fungus and save the tree?

The short answer is NO.

There is no known way to stop the process of the growing fungi.  As we mentioned,  by the time you know the fungi is even present it is likely to have been at play inside the tree for years beforehand.  

The underside of a bracket fungi contains many spore lined pores instead of the gills you find on a mushroom

Even if you remove the external fruiting bracket the spores are still present inside the tree it will continue to decompose.  Next to that weight reduction pruning on infected branches can dramatically reduce the load on weak spots. Beyond that, there is nothing to be done to remove it. 

As always a professional arborist is the best person to provide the right advice.  Prevention is always the best course of action to minimise the chances of infection.

How can I prevent them?

Pathogenic fungi can only enter a tree via a wound (e.g. a fresh pruning wound and insect scars). So, keeping your trees as healthy as possible is the best line of defence against bracket fungi.  

A healthy tree might be able to fight pathogenic fungi on its own which will reduce the spread of decay as well as keeping the fungi at bay by making sure the environment is not ideal for spores to lay claim to the tree. 

Keeping your trees as healthy as possible is the best line of defence against bracket fungi.

Keep your tree healthy by avoiding a wet base.  Also, remember to hydrate appropriately in dry periods.  Mulch the base and plant trees in places that suit the conditions. 

Got bracket fungi? we’ve got you covered!

If you notice bracket fungi growing on your tree, give Tree Amigos a call on 1800 431 544 or contact us.
Our friendly, experienced team will chat you through your options to make the best decision for your tree.  

Why choose Tree Amigos?

  1. We’re experienced in bracket fungi and all aspects of tree care and tree removals
  2. Our qualified arborists are equipped with world-class skills. Don’t risk injuring yourself or your property!
  3. We’re fully insured, giving you peace of mind

We pride ourselves on quality work and excellent service. Our consistent outstanding customer reviews are a testament to that.

On a final note, It’s never fun to lose a tree, especially one that provides a home or shade. However, like all things in life, it’s a stark reminder of the natural life cycle of nature and that they do serve a purpose.  

We’d love to hear any questions about your trees. Come and join the discussion over on our Facebook page 

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Need more information before deciding to use an arborist? Read our FAQs or learn why you should choose an arborist.

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Sam Nyhof
Sam Nyhof
October 19, 2021.
Fantastic service. We in and out quickly and cleaned up after themselves. Highly recommended.
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Diane Lewis
October 15, 2021.
Couldn’t be Happier with this service. The guys did a great job. Arrived on time, friendly, polite & professional
Joey Alcock
Joey Alcock
October 11, 2021.
Very professional and friendly outfit. Greatly appreciated ability to quote for and execute additional works on the spot. Many thanks Matt and team.
Tracy Hermansson
Tracy Hermansson
October 11, 2021.
I had 1 stump removed and found Tree Amigos Very professional and Covid 19 compliant. From organising a quote to paying the invoice everything was easy and efficient. Thank you
Jaimee Taylor - Fairweather
Jaimee Taylor - Fairweather
October 11, 2021.
Great team. Left the site in great condition. We’re professional, friendly and performed the job safely.
Sonia Gleeson
Sonia Gleeson
October 7, 2021.
I have had an awesome experience with the boys as they kept me in the loop the whole time. They worked very hard and got the job done perfectly.
Deborah Dowling
Deborah Dowling
September 24, 2021.
Highly recommend Tree Amigos. This was the second time I have used Tree Amigos – and for good reason. From start to finish, the thought processes that each of the team put in was extraordinary. With safety, compassionate understanding of trying to save 2 new trees and manoeuvre tree branches around them was a feat in itself. The safety required with ropes, winches and harnesses, branches, and trunks, to land a trunk in a specific location was extraordinary. All this was done amid Victoria’s largest earthquake (they didn’t know at the time). It was a good team mix with compassion, understanding, get the job done in good time and work together, clean-up after the job was done, leave us with mulch that we asked for, let alone a good price too. Thanks Tree Amigos.
Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson
September 20, 2021.
Matt was professional, friendly, and helpful, and the work they did was excellent.
Sara Olsen
Sara Olsen
September 18, 2021.
The Tree Amigos were awesome from start to finish. Great service, pricing was very reasonable, and they did a great job removing trees + stumps and pruning for us - very skilled and knowledgeable. Thanks team!

What is an Arborist and why do I need one?

So, what is an arborist?  An arborist in simple terms, is a tree surgeon, but there’s nothing simple about the work of an arborist or the...

So, what is an arborist? 

An arborist in simple terms, is a tree surgeon, but there’s nothing simple about the work of an arborist or the importance in the work they do. Practical arborists climb trees, use lifts and cranes. Consulting arborists assist with planning, consulting and providing reports for construction. While some are specifically trained to work with tree care around power lines and some do a combination of all three.

We think putting a quality arborist in a big tree is where they really shine! 

Like all good surgeons, when it comes to performing any kind of operation, arborists have to know the minute details of tree care, health and safety. We apply our expertise to maintain trees and hedges, pruning  and stump removal. We can identify pests, diseases and structural problems, providing solutions that keep trees healthy and people safe. Unfortunately for diseased trees, by the time symptoms appear,  that doesn’t always mean staying upright.

Tree Amigos provide tree removal services throughout the north western and north eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Whether taking down a gum or pruning the hedges it’s our job to understand the most effective and safest method of treatment or removal. We provide expert advice and knowledge for best industry practice and a top notch outcome.


 When it comes to maintenance, an arborist will  help to improve and prolong the life of trees in an urban landscape by pruning trees back either for aesthetic, safety or practical purposes.

Pruning can be best for a tree to ensure a healthy and more structurally stable plant. However over or incorrect tree pruning can impact growth or may not actually rid a diseased tree of parasites. Your arborist will know how to keep your plant looking good and healthy. 

When it comes to maintenance, arborists help to improve and prolong the life of trees




It’s important to know that not all people who provide tree services are qualified or recommend the best strategies for tree removal that also takes into account the footprint on ecosystems and  the benefits on the community of trees in the urban environment.

Always get a qualified and professional tree service provider with a diverse understanding of the local tree species and the most common concerns and are expert at working in limited space, or where access is difficult. 

At Tree Amigos Victoria, we provide recommendations for routine maintenance and safety with insight into assessing and resolving issues to remove the risk of property damage or personal injury.

Always get a qualified and professional tree service provider with a diverse understanding of the local tree species and the most common concerns

Without the expert assessment of a qualified arborist you might end up with an unsafe tree left intact.  Alternatively, removing an important tree, valuable to a healthy ecosystem and without proper approval from local council could see you lumped with a hefty fine. A fine like this would far outweigh the cost of a correct and professional tree service. 

Any arborist worth their salt wouldn’t touch a tree requiring approval from council without a permit. Some Melbourne councils require you to obtain a permit to remove some trees its always worth checking. Your arborist will advise you if you should get one. 


An arborist who cares about your property and safety (as well as their own) will work within safety guidelines and are trained to use specialised equipment, taking all the necessary precautions to avoid serious injury.  They should utilise head protection gear, top quality tools and superior tree climbing techniques and intimate knowledge of how to protect a tree and the people in the vicinity.

Arborists are trained to use specialised equipment and take precautions in order to avoid serious injury.


Insurance and qualifications should be non negotiable when choosing someone to do any work on your property.  Tree Amigos are fully qualified and insured arborists with more than 20 years’ experience in tree and garden care. If you need to see our insurance certificates just ask, we’re happy  to provide them. 


Quality Assurance 

So, having your tree work done by a reputable business will almost definitely save you money and time in the long run. 

How do you find a good arborist in Melbourne?  Word of mouth is always a great way to establish a professional and reliable tree or stump removal service. Try checking out their website or social media channels for positive feedback. Their reputation should speak for itself.

At Tree Amigos Victoria we pride ourselves on quality work and excellent service.  Our consistent outstanding customer reviews are a testament to that.

Just some of the recent reviews we’ve received

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A Day In The Life Of A Tree Inspection

What a day in the life of a tree inspection looks like When we’re called out to a tree inspection or to create a quote, there’s a lot of data...

What a day in the life of a tree inspection looks like

When we’re called out to a tree inspection or to create a quote, there’s a lot of data we’re hunting down in order to make an informed and thorough decision. We offer our tree removal services across all of Melbourne, but we’re not too quick to pick up a chain saw.

Here’s a rundown of the vital things we consider when shaping our expert opinion as to what’s best for you and your tree…


How is the overall health of the tree faring? We’ll examine things like…

  • The tree’s foliage and colour
  • The amount of foliage and;
  • The tree’s ability to photosynthesise
Healthy Tree Melbourne

Tree inspections Melbourne

Branch Structure and defects

The best way to describe the physiology of a tree is to break it up into two main parts: branches and stems. The stem is the trunk, and the branches grow off the trunk. Both of these parts of the tree grow at different times of the year, creating an overlapping of the wood fibres, which makes for a healthy branch union. Again, we’re looking at what’s typical for the species when assessing the tree’s overall health and continued growth potential.

The other obvious thing we’re looking for are defects on the branch or stem, such as…

  • Large, open wounds
  • Swelling of branches
  • Leaking sap
Unhealthy tree

Unhealthy tree

The placement of the defect also comes into play when determining how structurally sound the branch is and what needs to be done to minimize the risk of it failing.


If something is going to break, where will it break from? And when it breaks, what will it hit?

Obviously, the tree in the middle of paddock is going to be treated a little differently than the tree growing over your house or right above your children’s play equipment.

We usually try to determine how long that target might be under the tree for during a typical day, using our understanding of the risk factors to support our evaluation of the best next steps.

Tree inspections - Tree Amigos - Melbourne

Tree safety

These are some of the key areas we evaluate so we can give you the best and fairest advice for your particular tree, home and family. What makes this easy for us is that we have over 10 years of industry experience and we’re qualified arborists, professional and committed to achieving the best outcomes.

We hope these tips are valuable for you and your home. If you think there’s something that doesn’t look quite right across your trees, we’re here to offer our informed opinion.