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Getting ready for fire season

Getting ready for fire season

Will we finally get a hot Summer? Who knows. But you wouldn’t want to be caught out this year. 

If you’re on a rural block or in a bushfire probed area, then you need to be doing a quick tidy up before fire season begins. And that means either calling us in to get some work done or getting out there and doing it yourself.

Here’s what we recommend. 

Clearing as much area around your house and fence lines

Some suburbs, like Eltham in the diamond valley area allow for trees to be removed without the need for a permit under the CFA 10/30 rule. This means that you can remove trees within 10 metres of your house, shrubs and bushes with 30 metres and trees can be removed between 2 or 4 metres of a fence line.

removing trees

Cleaning your gutters

Unfortunately, this isn’t something we do, but when fires are close often the embers can travel far. It’s one of the main causes of houses catching fire that aren’t close to the main burning area. 

Have a plan to leave and leave early.

Having a good fire plan can make decisions flow quickly when a fire is approaching. Having an emergency kit bag packed with all the essentials is a great idea. The CFA fire ready kit is a great resource. 

Total Fire Ban Days

Don’t leave your pruning too late. As we get into the hot weather, most domestic chainsaw use isn’t allowed.

For a full list of what you can and can’t do, check out this resource.

As a tree company that has serviced rural and metropolitan areas doing tree removals in Melbourne, we’re well versed in the nitty gritty rules of what you can and can’t do on your property.