Palm tree care

Palm trees can be beautiful garden features, but when the old growth dies off, they can become unsightly. Dead fronds on larger palms must be removed before they cause injury or property damage. All palms can create a mess unless properly maintained through pruning.

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Palm trees can be beautiful garden features, but when old growth dies off they can become unsightly. Tree Pruning is essential.

Avoid injury

Many palm species produce thorns that make pruning hazardous. Palm trimming, especially using ladders, is a dangerous occupation for amateurs. Our experienced, professional arborists will remove palm fronds safely and efficiently to keep your garden looking its best.

Avoid scammers and dodgy operators

Be wary of doorknockers offering to prune your palm trees. Always ask for identification and the name and physical address of their business.

Use a qualified and experienced arborist

We are trained to diagnose the problems or hazards your palm trees present and will provide the best advice on how to fix them. We use only the most experienced tree climbers and superior equipment to maximise safety and ensure high quality results. We are expert at pruning in limited space, or where access is difficult.