Tree Amigos Coronavirus Statement

As the spread of coronavirus continues, we are making a commitment to all of our team members to not lay them off as a result of lockdowns or quarantines. Therefore we are taking some precautionary measures to increase our social distancing. On top of the government recommendations of general hygiene, here are a few specifics that we have in place.

· Getting work done: If you are feeling uneasy about having tradies come to your house, feel free to stay indoors. Our team has been briefed about the work they are doing so there is no need to enter your house. So if you are self-quarantining from an overseas trip or would prefer to keep your distance, we can still get your tree removed and other works completed without needing to make physical contact.

· Customer sign-off: We normally ask our clients to sign our iPad at the end of a job to say they’re happy with the work. But for the next few weeks (and possibly longer) we will be getting a verbal “love your work, very happy” to ensure social distancing is upheld.

· Invoicing: Our invoices are done digitally, which means that we’re not hand writing pieces of paper to give to people.

· Getting a quote done: We would prefer enquiries to come through to our website (, that way you can upload photos and it will make it easier for us to quote. If we need to come and have a look you are welcome to stay indoors and Alex will call if he has any questions. Our quotes have been digital for about 5 years now, so there’s no need to handle paper quotes either. And it also means you don’t have to try and read Alex’s handwriting!

We hope everyone is staying safe and hygienic and if there’s anything we can for you, please let us know and we will do everything that we can to help.