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What is an Arborist and why do I need one?

So, what is an arborist? 

An arborist in simple terms, is a tree surgeon, but there’s nothing simple about the work of an arborist or the importance in the work they do. Practical arborists climb trees, use lifts and cranes. Consulting arborists assist with planning, consulting and providing reports for construction. While some are specifically trained to work with tree care around power lines and some do a combination of all three.

We think putting a quality arborist in a big tree is where they really shine! 

Like all good surgeons, when it comes to performing any kind of operation, arborists have to know the minute details of tree care, health and safety. We apply our expertise to maintain trees and hedges, pruning  and stump removal. We can identify pests, diseases and structural problems, providing solutions that keep trees healthy and people safe. Unfortunately for diseased trees, by the time symptoms appear,  that doesn’t always mean staying upright.

Tree Amigos provide tree removal services throughout the north western and north eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Whether taking down a gum or pruning the hedges it’s our job to understand the most effective and safest method of treatment or removal. We provide expert advice and knowledge for best industry practice and a top notch outcome.


 When it comes to maintenance, an arborist will  help to improve and prolong the life of trees in an urban landscape by pruning trees back either for aesthetic, safety or practical purposes.

Pruning can be best for a tree to ensure a healthy and more structurally stable plant. However over or incorrect tree pruning can impact growth or may not actually rid a diseased tree of parasites. Your arborist will know how to keep your plant looking good and healthy. 

When it comes to maintenance, arborists help to improve and prolong the life of trees




It’s important to know that not all people who provide tree services are qualified or recommend the best strategies for tree removal that also takes into account the footprint on ecosystems and  the benefits on the community of trees in the urban environment.

Always get a qualified and professional tree service provider with a diverse understanding of the local tree species and the most common concerns and are expert at working in limited space, or where access is difficult. 

At Tree Amigos Victoria, we provide recommendations for routine maintenance and safety with insight into assessing and resolving issues to remove the risk of property damage or personal injury.

Always get a qualified and professional tree service provider with a diverse understanding of the local tree species and the most common concerns

Without the expert assessment of a qualified arborist you might end up with an unsafe tree left intact.  Alternatively, removing an important tree, valuable to a healthy ecosystem and without proper approval from local council could see you lumped with a hefty fine. A fine like this would far outweigh the cost of a correct and professional tree service. 

Any arborist worth their salt wouldn’t touch a tree requiring approval from council without a permit. Some Melbourne councils require you to obtain a permit to remove some trees its always worth checking. Your arborist will advise you if you should get one. 


An arborist who cares about your property and safety (as well as their own) will work within safety guidelines and are trained to use specialised equipment, taking all the necessary precautions to avoid serious injury.  They should utilise head protection gear, top quality tools and superior tree climbing techniques and intimate knowledge of how to protect a tree and the people in the vicinity.

Arborists are trained to use specialised equipment and take precautions in order to avoid serious injury.


Insurance and qualifications should be non negotiable when choosing someone to do any work on your property.  Tree Amigos are fully qualified and insured arborists with more than 20 years’ experience in tree and garden care. If you need to see our insurance certificates just ask, we’re happy  to provide them. 


Quality Assurance 

So, having your tree work done by a reputable business will almost definitely save you money and time in the long run. 

How do you find a good arborist in Melbourne?  Word of mouth is always a great way to establish a professional and reliable tree or stump removal service. Try checking out their website or social media channels for positive feedback. Their reputation should speak for itself.

At Tree Amigos Victoria we pride ourselves on quality work and excellent service.  Our consistent outstanding customer reviews are a testament to that.

Just some of the recent reviews we’ve received

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